The Weight Is Over...By A Lot


Overall fitness improvement is the goal for not just this year, but the future in general. I’m not going to set time- or weight-specific goals, as those have caused me to struggle mentally in the past. What I DO want to do is lower my weight to a more healthy range and get my physical activity back up to a reasonable state so that I can be active without getting tired.

All this combined starts today, January 4th, 2021 (well, actually last night). I began doing intermittent fasting again using Zero as my tracker and guide. I have my fitness apps all set to go, as well as videos I’ve made note of on YouTube. In addition, I’ve already spoken to the guys in my accountability group, and we’re all in this together. I believe that last part is what’s going to really push me through this year, as the intent is to really be accountable to each other.

Today’s plan - continue my fast and get a little exercise and meditation in.

If you plan to follow me on this journey, don’t expect the use of the word diet or specific mentions of actual body weight. What you can expect is to see updates on how I’m feeling mentally about the physical changes and (hopeful) improvements that are coming. Drop me a line on Twitter @lgwapnitsky with words of encouragement, inspiration, or if you want accountability.