Why have I been so quiet?


I know I said I’d post more, but there’s been a lot going on since my last post.

It turns out that the injury I previously wrote about got worse. After seeing my excellent sports doctor, the diagnosis of my pinched nerve turned out to be a degrading disk in my neck, as shown by an MRI. The recommendation was to see a surgeon for a consult.

Well, I did. The PA that came in first wanted to just have an epidural done. I let her know that steroids and I don’t really get along too well. The doctor came in, complimented me on my bushy beard saying, “That’s going to hide the surgery scar pretty well!”. Hence, we discussed an anterior cervical fusion on C5-C6. C4-C5 and C6-C7 are also degrading, but not as bad right now, so we’re minimizing the surgigcal procedure, which is scheduled for May 5th.

I’m not looking forward to surgery, but at the same time, I am, as I want to be able to play with my kids, pick them up, exercise. This inactivity (save for some walking) and my bad diet have not been too good for me. Here’s hoping that all the pain goes away after a few weeks of recovery.

Side Note

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