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Why have I been so quiet? image
Why have I been so quiet?

I know I said I'd post more, but there's been a lot going on since the last post...

The slacker's health update image
The slacker's health update

I haven't posted in month, even though I said I'd be more on the ball. Why? Keep reading...

The Road To Fitness image
The Road To Fitness

The struggle bus has gotten back on the road, and I'm back in the game to work on my fitness levels - both physical and mental. What's changed?

Pause and Effect image
Pause and Effect

What happened in the first 2 weeks of the year that cause me to temporarily pause my workouts? While partially physical, most of it was mental. Here's the next steps...

The Weight Is Over...By A Lot image
The Weight Is Over...By A Lot

Restarting the fitness journey, I decided to step on the scale this morning. What I saw was not what I wanted, so it's time to aim for my goals.