Accountability - that's what I need


My job keeps me very busy, and I’ve found that I’ve been slacking in things that affect both my mental and physical health. I know what I need to do, but I need a kick in the ass from people, hence the need for accountability.

I have been working with a certified Functional Medicine Health Coach for the past few months and, together, we’ve identified where I need to concentrate on improving my overall health. This is IN ADDITION TO working with my primary care physician.

Overall, I’ve been doing very well, monitoring the crap food I may or may not intake when working, trying to get meditaiton in, logging certain aspects of my life, but there are times I forget and need a kick in the ass.

I know many of you are also working on yourselves, and am wondering who is interested in helping each other be accountable? I’d love to hear your feedback. Comment below (yay, I finally got comments working!) and we’ll see what this turns into.