Traveling Through Mianus (Connecticut)

I’m gonna make a HOLE lot of puns about travelling past this town in Connecticut!

As a professional driver/chauffeur, I tend to go through a LOT of towns and cities. Some of the names are more common, some are a little strange, maybe because of their original language, maybe because they’re just strange by nature (looking at you, Zzyzx). Yet, while driving to Boston this past week, I had to hold in my laughter and comments when I saw the sign near Greenwich and Stamford, Connecticut for MIANUS!

What is Mianus?

Mianus is a small town in the neighborhood of Greenwich, Connecticut, situated somewhere between Greenwich and Stamford. It is a coastal community, with the population close to 14,000 people. The area is quite heavily populated and is a wonderful place for bringing up the family.

Where is Mianus?

Latitude: 41.041248

Longitude: -73.596001

What can you do in Mianus?

While Mianus is quite small, there is plenty to explore and enjoy at Mianus River Park. There you can explore trails rock formations, even a cave!

Beyond that, there’s really not much unless you go to the surrounding towns. Apparently there are good places to eat near Mianus, but I have yet to go to them.


While there are many jokes and puns that can be made, I’m going to stop here. One of these days, I’ll actually make the stop at Exit 5 and get a closer look at what’s in Mianus.

Let me know if you want me to dive deeper into Mianus by commenting below!