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31 Days of Kindness (Day 14) - 2015 Edition

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Day 14 of the #31DaysOfKindness, 2015 edition was a bit complicated. The idea was to send a care package to a soldier overseas. I looked at a few options on-line, but decided to talk to a few military friends of mine to see what the REAL needs were. Both had great ideas, and one is helping me in a way I didn’t expect.

This is more than just about the #31DaysofKindness…this is a true “Thank You” to our military…something that’s not said or acted upon often enough.




31 Days of Kindness (Day 5) - 2015 Edition

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Welcome to Day 5 of #31DaysOfKindness, 2015 edition!

Give a hug to someone who deserves it. Easier said than done, right? My family gets hugs all the time, and they are well deserved. Now was the day to step outside of that circle to share. Who did I hug? Well, it wasn’t physical (more of a virtual check-in by phone-call), but it was a recently-made friend who’s been going through some rather rough stuff.