Chips of deception - Tteokbokki


Tteokbokki is well-known as a spicy Korean street food - long, tubular rice cakes with a sauce made traditionally from gochujang and anchove-based broth. Considering how spicy it can be served on the street, this snack, once I looked it up after buying it, should have been good and spicy. Even without looking it up, the picture of the smiling hot pepper on the front, and the inclusion of capsaicin powder in the ingredients should have been a good marker pointing to lots of spice. It even says “HOT SPICE” on the back!! Well…


Upon opening the bag, there was a hint of spice, but nothing overpowering. Not a good sign to start. I poured some out and started to munch on them. If anything, there was more of a sweetness than a spiciness. I waited and, eventually, there was a little bit of spice, but nothing that warranted the “warning signs” from the labels. I gave some to my daughter, who doesn’t like spice, and she really liked these…again, because of the sweetness.

Would I recommend thse? Only if you like sweet and spicy, leaning more toward the sweet.

I guess my next step is to learn how to recreate the real thing…not the crispy bagged snack. Once that happens, I’ll be sure to update you.