Incentive for a(nother) new start

There have been so many changes for me since I last updated this site with a recipe or any sort of news. Whether it's been related to fitness, technology, or just life in general, something has kept me from being on top of this.

Well, after a conversation with some people recently, I may start posting more often again. There may be more posts about technology, some generally applicable, others very system-specific.

As for recipes, I've been cooking a lot and just keep on forgetting to post pictures and new recipes. That's going to change, too.

Additionally, I'm on track to complete my second (and probably last) marathon in October 2018. I never updated this site with my story, but I'll get to that so you know where I'm coming from and what my goals are.

Go ahead and keep me accountable. Don't see a post for a while? Hit me up. Have an idea? Hit me up. Want money? Don't contact me :)